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What is the Mentoring Gap?

In the course of writing his book, Leadership in 100 Words, Mainak Dhar did research through a survey of over 300 professionals on LinkedIn to understand their experience with mentoring. What he found made him determined to try and close what he termed The Mentoring Gap. Almost every respondent who didn't have a mentor wanted one, and those who did have mentors reported significantly better career progress, personal growth, and work-life balance. However, mentoring is not evenly available to everyone. Those who need it most, for example, those early in careers, or without the established networks that come from the privilege of having gone to certain colleges or worked in certain companies, don't get the benefits of mentoring as much as those with more years of experience or positions of privilege. Mainak's books, personal mentoring efforts, and this initiative are meant to close that mentoring gap and democratize mentoring. If you don't have a mentor, don't worry. You've come to the right place. Access the resources available, reach out to Mainak, and get your own AI Mentor combining the power of AI with Mainak's insights and experiences to help you with advice when you need it. 

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